The big tour.

Today we had a tour of the hospital. Wow, I never realized how big it is. We got to see some units not open to the public, which was really interesting. Can you believe that one of the most interesting things was a bedpan machine? The bedpans in ICU are made of a paper mache type material and this machine just macerates the whole thing, no emptying or cleaning required. That was cool. Yeah, I’m weird. We also had a tour of the actual unit we will be working on; they call it complex care. Essentially, it is people who are too sick to be in a longterm care facility, although the goal is to get them well enough to be in one, or go home. We’re going to get to deal with G-feeds and the like, which will be a welcome change. No, I’m not being morbid; but my previous clinical placement dealt with more stable clients, so I could use the experience. My clinical teacher also mentioned possible OR time, which is so fantastic. I’m not getting my hopes up; she just said she would look into it.


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