Waiting for Harry Potter.

Today was great! I went with mom to see Hairspray, which was fantastic, and then we headed to Chapters for the Harry Potter release party. We got there at 10 pm and the place was packed. The lineup for the book already snaked through a quarter of the store and mom really didn’t want to wait two hours, so she went home. I decided to camp out in line and have dad pick me up when I was done. The line was huge when I joined and I ended up sitting in an aisle with a bunch of strangers, talking and joking about our situation. It was actually quite fun. As it got closer to midnight, the crowd started to get loud and we stood up and looked around. The line covered the entire store by that point. I can’t even guess how many people were in there.


At midnight the books were wheeled out and the crowd actually SCREAMED! I couldn’t believe it; it sounded like a concert. It’s a book! The people I was sitting with were just as stunned. Anyway, surprisingly, I made it to a cashier within 15 minutes and I was out the door by 12:20 am. I looked around outside and all I could say was wow! There was an enormous lineup OUTSIDE the store, going all the way down the block. That blew me away; we had no clue how many people had shown up from our vantage point within the store. I feel sorry for the people who work there. Not only was the store a pigsty (people in line left garbage everywhere) but they had a ton more people waiting outside to buy the book. It was quite the experience, and I’m glad I went. It was definitely a night to remember! So now I’m sitting here, looking at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows laying on my desk, waiting to be read. Time to get started!


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